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ClickFunnels Reviews


This website provides reviews and a base of knowledge relating to the incredibly popular funnel building software, ClickFunnels. Here you’ll find up to date information about the latest features of ClickFunnels, the best offers anf free trials currently available for the ClickFunnels software, and helpful tutorials on how to build funnels and even become a success ClickFunnels affiliate. 

Whether you’re new to digital marketing and funnels or have a ton of experience building funnels and marketing online, you’ll find helpful resources, discounts, free trials and reviews of ClickFunnels. 

If you don’t have a ClickFunnels subscription yet, you can get a free 14 day trial of ClickFunnels here

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ClickFunnels will allow you to turn your outdated website into a profitable marketing funnel.  The idea of a funnel on a website is to take all of the traffic and “funnel” it towards an outcome. Usually, the minimum outcome a funnel intends to acheive is collecting a “lead” from every visitor. A lead magnet is a term  used in digital marketing to refer a peice of content offered in exchange for the contact information of a visitor – such as their email. If we successfully move a web visitor through our funnel, we will collect their contact information using ClickFunnels which integrates with all major email marketing platforms, sell them a low price offer up front (I.E $1.00 purchase refered to as a “tripwire”), then offer them a series of upsells knows as “otos” or “one time offers”. 

ClickFunnels not only makes an incredible software, they also have a cult-like following that is ready to back you up and offer help. ClickFunnels has a FaceBook group with over 200,000 members. There’s almost always a ton of bonuses included when you sign up for ClickFunnels that will also help you get started and keep you from getting stuck building your first funnel. 


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